Efficiency, freshness and innovation

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Les productions Margiric

The characteristics of our products


Efficiency, freshness and innovation

Why choose our products ?

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Les productions Margiric

Products of incomparable freshness

Nationally recognized

Fruits and vegetables

Margiric knows the importance of innovation. We integrate the latest technologies in our processes, notably in plasticulture, drip irrigation and transplant production, all to maximize the quality and output of our
fruits and vegetables. Over the years Margiric has continued to find ways to adapt to market demands, thanks to the determination and innovative spirit of its leaders.

With 16 varieties of fruits and vegetables and over 3,300 acres of cultivated land on Canadian and American soil, Margiric is one of the largest market garden producers in the industry. Its products are distributed everywhere in Quebec and Ontario as well as several states in the US.

Experienced employees

A devoted team

Our creativity and ability to listen are the reason we continue to meet the needs of our customers, offering service that surpasses expectations.

Our experienced employees are diligent about the hygiene and quality of our products. You may opt for wrapped products according to your preference.


Collaborations and certifications

Working together

As a family business, we recognize the importance of maintaining excellent relationships with our employees and ensuring work equity.

At Margiric we try to foster a sense of belonging with our agricultural workers so they feel like they’re part of one big family.

Community spirit

Margiric proudly contributes to different food banks, such as the Centre de bénévolat et Moisson Laval in Quebec and the Treasure Coast Food Bank in Florida.

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